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Here at AGS, our standards of operation are based in the Breeders Code of Ethics. From that base we developed our 4C motto to produce the best GDS's and enhance the breed. It's very had to put these in order of importance because Commitment, Consistency, Compassion and Care are equally vital to our dogs.


 1. COMMITMENT - Every day, rain or shine, hot or cold; we rise and strive to give our dogs the best care humanly possible. They are the priority and we understand the constant needs that must be fulfilled daily. Vacations?? What's that? I hate leaving my babies in the care of anyone else besides my husband and co-owner. It is true, if you want something done right, do it yourself. 


 2. CONSISTENCY -  Our GSD's maintain a schedule and boy do they hate to change it! We are up by 6 AM and they are ready to eat, poop and play. They miss their mom and dad and are ready to see us. It's only been 8 hours but they need us like kids. From there, it's time to sanitize kennels, train, exercise, relax and repeat. We also truly enjoy our bonding time with each and everyone of our dogs. they would not have the personality they have without the exposure to humans, various types socialization, and love we show them daily. 


3. COMPASSION - We understand that our dogs cannot and will not be over-bred. Our girls need a break between litters. We do not, and would never physically abuse our dogs. We strive for positive fun training and healthy correction when needed. It takes the kind of patience that can run out on normal individuals; but we understand that GSD's much like children need to be taught how to act and behave. This starts on day one of birth believe it or not. From their we imprint and continue with our motto. Remember, the desire they have to please you is stronger then you can imagine. Facilitate this with continued training, they always figure it out, sometimes it takes time other breeders don't want to dedicate to their business. 


4. CARE -  This covers everything from top notch nutrition, hydration, veterinary care, preventative medicine, grooming, cleanliness, exercise, and love. Every single day we strive to give them the best care we possibly can. From our top notch heated and cooled indoor facilities, safe covered outdoor facilities, and K9 grass to cover our training and play area.  Flea and tick prevention, heart worm prevention and of course daily grooming. This is important to identify any possible skin issues or medical concerns early. You must know your dog in order to do this. Identify his/her normal traits and even bowel movements to immediately identify any health concerns. All owners should intimate with their dogs normal behavior and health. Any changes need to be figured out and resolved.    

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